This documentation refers to the latest Fast Track version of the Nuxeo Platform (more information about Nuxeo release cycle).
Check if the page exists in the Nuxeo Platform LTS documentation.

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Nuxeo Platform Installation and Administration Guide — Fast Track Version

In this guide, you will find all the information to install and manage the Nuxeo Platform: how to install it, how to configure a database, install new packages from the Nuxeo Admin Center etc. The installation and administration principles described in this guide apply to all modules of the Platform: document management, digital asset management, case management, etc.

For evaluation purpose

You want to evaluate or test the platform? Here the main steps you should follow to quickly install your Nuxeo application and get ready to use it.

  1. Check out the requirements
  2. Install
  3. Start
  4. Setup the platform with a preset module

Full installation – For advanced testing and production purpose

You want to install the application to use it or test it in a production environment? Follow the steps below:


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