This documentation relates to an old version of Nuxeo CMF (1.x). You may want to check the documentation for our latest LTS version and Fast Track version.
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Welcome to Nuxeo Case Management Framework Documentation Center!

Nuxeo Case Management Framework (CMF) is Nuxeo's framework to create case-oriented applications. It provides case management specific features, such as:

  • case-specific documents, with dedicated metadata,
  • mailboxes to distribute the cases to,
  • classification trees to file cases and help you organize your work on cases.

You can download Nuxeo CMF here.

You will find here all the guides to help you work with Nuxeo CMF.

The Nuxeo CMF Installation Guide helps you start with Nuxeo CMF: installing the Nuxeo CMF package you downloaded and start it.

After that, you can refer to the Nuxeo CMF 5.5 User Guide to get to know our document management functionalities.

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