This documentation relates to an old version of Nuxeo DAM (1.x). You may want to check the documentation for our latest LTS version and Fast Track version.
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Assets are imported in folders (managed by administrators). You need to have Write permission on at least one folder to be able to import assets in Nuxeo DAM.

You can import either single digital files or a set of files in a zipped folder. In both cases, documents are imported in an import set, that you can use to find the assets again. Folders can contains several import sets.

Here are the steps to import assets in Nuxeo DAM:
  1. Click on "Import" in the page header.
    The Import window is displayed.
  2. Select the file (zip or single digital file) to import. When you click on "Select File", a pop up will allow to browse your drives. For large files, the percent of upload progress is shown.
  3. Select the folder in which the assets are imported.

    If you choose new folder, you will have to choose the name of the new folder.

  4. Fill in the main metadata that will be applied to all the assets of the set (see below for information on the import set metadata).
  5. Click on the "Create" button.
    Once the import is done, you can see the digital files as thumbnails, with the first file selected on the right side of the window.

Import set metadata



Import set name

Name of the set of assets you are importing.
Default import set name is composed of your name and the date and time. For instance: "John Doe - 20100729 11:09". You can change this default name.


A textual description of the import set content.


Name of the person who created the content of this import set (photographer, graphic artist, name of a company or organization, etc.)

Authoring date

Date at which the content was created


Geographic or temporal coverage of the resource, the geographic applicability of the resource, or the jurisdiction under which the resource is relevant.


Language used for the assets


Subject(s) of the assets in the import set


This is the default product metadata set, that can be adapted to your own properties.

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