This documentation relates to an old version of Nuxeo DAM (1.x). You may want to check the documentation for our latest LTS version and Fast Track version.
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Welcome to the Nuxeo DAM Documentation Center

Nuxeo DAM is a robust, extensible, Digital Asset Management solution available as Open Source Software (OSS) that helps marketing and brand managers catalogue, process, store, retrieve, and distribute rich media content, including images, audio, and video.

Streamlining these tasks enables creative users to focus on ideas and design by freeing them from resource-intensive content control tasks.

Nuxeo DAM, a state-of-the-art application built on a new generation of ECM, provides:

  • An intuitive experience, designed for creative users
  • Improved productivity, with the automation and streamlining of routine tasks
  • A trusted repository, designed for secure and easy scaling as projects expand
  • Adaptability, with Nuxeo Studio, a configuration and customization environment
  • Interoperability, with a CMIS-enabled platform

Nuxeo DAM is a packaged application based on Nuxeo EP (Enterprise Platform), an extensible, Java-based ECM platform. Nuxeo EP is CMIS-enabled, thus ensuring that Nuxeo DAM benefits from the interoperability capabilities of the underlying platform. What does this mean? Organizations can safely invest in any number of CMIS-compliant Web Content Management offerings, and be assured that their rich media assets in Nuxeo DAM are easily distributed to create an engaging web experience.
Download latest release of Nuxeo DAM from http://www.nuxeo.com/downloads/.

The Nuxeo DAM QuickStart Guide helps you install the Nuxeo DAM package you downloaded and run it.

The Nuxeo DAM User Guide describes the digital asset management features available in Nuxeo DAM.

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