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Welcome to the documentation center for Nuxeo IDE!

Nuxeo IDE, for Integrated Development Environment, is an Eclipse plugin that enables Java developers to customize Nuxeo applications. It provides an environment and features adapted to Nuxeo's projects. Java developers can work on Nuxeo applications in their familiar environment and they have Nuxeo-related features directly available. So both Nuxeo experts and developers new to Nuxeo can use it to customize Nuxeo applications easily.

Nuxeo IDE completes the existing customization offer we provide with Nuxeo Studio. Nuxeo Studio is a graphical environment that enables business experts and more generally non-developers users to customize a Nuxeo applications on an hosted environment. Nuxeo IDE addresses the needs of Java developers who want to extend the Nuxeo Platform with new features that go beyond XML configuration.

You want to know how to use Nuxeo IDE? Take a look at the Getting started guide.

The following screencast (4:00) demonstrates how to deploy a custom server side operation developed in Java using the Nuxeo IDE and a client python script that calls it:



This documentation is copyrighted by Nuxeo and published under the Creative Common BY-SA license. More details on the Nuxeo documentation license page.

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