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Welcome to the Nuxeo Platform documentation wiki. The Nuxeo Platform is a software platform for building content apps. The Platform development is driven by the Nuxeo company under LGPL license. Source code can be found on GitHub and ready-to-install products can be downloaded from our website.

This documentation is maintained by Nuxeo. You can become a contributor and help us provide quality content to the Nuxeo Platform community.

This documentation center provides different guides:

  • The Developer/Architect documentation explains what the Nuxeo Platform is and its architecture. It presents what you can do with it and how you can customize and extend it. You will find formal documentation as well as tutorials and how-tos.
  • The User Guides provide screenshots and step-by-step instructions for using our out-of-the-box product and its additional modules.

You will also find the documentation for:

  • Nuxeo Studio, the Nuxeo Platform online configuration tool for implementing your business logic. Nuxeo Studio is available whether you're using a registered Nuxeo product or subscribed to the 30 day trial offer. Your Nuxeo Connect portal provides you with an easy access to Nuxeo Studio.
  • Nuxeo IDE, an Eclipse plug-in for improving your development productivity with the Nuxeo Platform.
  • The Nuxeo Core Dev Guide is a documentation space for people willing to be Nuxeo Platform contributors.

We know the Nuxeo Platform project is huge and you don't always have time to perform a systematic review of the documentation. That's why we provide a series of quick start guides, that help you bootstrap your own specific knowledge of the Platform or guide you through your project. The list is rather short right now but will be completed soon, so stay tuned.


The documentation follows the same release cycle as the Nuxeo Platform. The spaces listed above are the documentation for the latest Fast Track version of the Nuxeo Platform. We snapshot the documentation once a year, for each LTS version of the Nuxeo Platform.

All previous versions of our documentation are available online. We also provide a downloadable version (PDF) for each documentation space.

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  1. Hello Folks!

    I'd like to Congratulate you all about how Nuxeo Documentation is growing so fast in the last months.

    Also about the High Quality of Documentation!