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When you click on a folderish document, you see a table with a list of its children. The default number of documents is 10 per page. Nuxeo queries the repository to get the list of children, and show the number per page of documents set in this query. To change this number, you need to change the query. Queries are defined in querymodel-contrib.xml in nuxeo-platform-webapp. The one showing the number per page is:

To modify this query, you don't need to change the nuxeo jar. Write a new query with the same name and require org.nuxeo.ecm.webapp.querymodel.DefaultQueryModels, so your new definition will prevail. You can do it in your plugin or just add a querymodel-config.xml (double check, it ends with "config", not "contrib", when in the config folder) in $JBOSS/server/default/deploy/nuxeo.ear/config that could look like:

And now you will have 11 children per page.

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