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This page content is outdated, please refer to How to Customize the Login Page


One sometimes need a special login page with its company logo, links and typolog : it's easy!

The principle is the same than for all files: your project's files overrides Nuxeo EP's.



Edit it and change what you want, just make sure you keep Nuxeo form, messages & login parameters.

The skeleton you want to keep is the following:

The CSS should be written into the HEAD.

Once you have a customized login page, you can ant your application and re-run jboss.

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  1. The custom login.jsp is rewrited by the one who's generated in Studio - is there anything that we can d about it?




    1. Hi,

      There is a JIRA task about that. You can follow its evolution here: NXP-11157 - Integrate new Login.jsp inside webapp and Studio ( Resolved) .