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Quick Start Guides

This section is intended to providing you with end-to-end recipes for achieving your customization goals of the Nuxeo Platform. 

Installation / Administration documentation

Simple and advanced topics about the setup of the Nuxeo Platform in every compatible environments.

Core Developer Guide

This guide is intended for "core developers", developers who intend to build the Nuxeo platform from the source, build it, change parts of it, contribute changes or patches.



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  1. Hello Folks!

    I'd like to Congratulate you all about how Nuxeo Documentation is growing so fast in the last months.

    Also about the High Quality of Documentation!



  2. Dear founder,

    I'm new developer here in China, I'm trying to install your source code. eclipse IDE and learn how to localize it here, I get the feel that can only be done in Linux environment, not Windows PC, am I right?