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The goal of this sprint was to find a way to send asynchronous events from the server to the browsers.

For this an analysis of available techniques and libraries was done, and the clear winner was Atmosphere. The latest release was 0.8.0-RC1.

A prototype (nuxeo-web-events) was done that runs as a servlet inside Nuxeo and:

  • receives requests from the browser to be registered as a client (suspend),
  • receives event requests from the browser to the server (no immediate use in Nuxeo),
  • sends every 5 seconds an event to the registered clients.

This is tested using wget statements

Next steps:

  • use the atomsphere jquery plugin in order to have clean browser-side UI,
  • decide what to do with the received events on the browser side,
  • decide what events to bridge from Nuxeo to the client.
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