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Nuxeo Codenvy Plugin

Updated: January 2, 2020

Generic Factory

Codenvy generic factory is a way to generate a custom Codenvy IDE instance for specific project with:

  • A custom project template for Nuxeo bundle
  • A custom Codenvy Runner (a specific server to run your application within)

The link of this specific IDE instance is generated thanks to Codenvy API and Codenvy specific file to send: "factory.json".

The workspace provided by the factory is temporary.

Nuxeo Project Wizard

Nuxeo Codenvy project wizard is in progress. It will provide:

  • A permanent Codenvy workspace
  • A panel to register/connect to Nuxeo Connect
  • A client app boostrap to consume Nuxeo IO instance API
  • A server Nuxeo bundle to deploy on Nuxeo IO instance

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