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Setting up a Nuxeo SDK

Updated: January 2, 2020

Nuxeo IDE is being replaced by the Nuxeo Generator and won’t be maintained any longer. You can take a look at the page Configure Nuxeo Platform to discover how to use the Nuxeo Generator.

Before starting to create your first project you must configure a Nuxeo SDK.

A Nuxeo SDK is a regular Tomcat distribution of the Nuxeo Platform that is used as the development server, where your projects will be deployed. The Nuxeo SDK is providing the classpath for your Nuxeo projects. All the JARs on the server will be visible in your project and you will be able to reference them from your code. Only Nuxeo Platform 5.5 versions and later are supported.

Do not use a Nuxeo SDK as a production server.

Installing a Nuxeo SDK

To install a Nuxeo distribution you can:

It is far simpler to download the SDK, and there is generally no need to build your own distribution. The Nuxeo Platform is designed to be customized without changing the SDK.

Installing a Downloaded Distribution

  1. UNzip the downloaded Nuxeo Platform distribution.
  2. In the Nuxeo SDK preference page (Eclipse Menu -> Window -> Preferences -> Nuxeo -> Nuxeo SDK), click on Add....
  3. Select the directory where you unzipped your Nuxeo distribution. Be sure to select the right directory: the one containing the bin and nxserver directories.
  4. Check the added Nuxeo SDK and click on the OK button to finish. Checking the box at the left of the SDK is required to mark it as the current Nuxeo SDK used in the Eclipse Workspace.

Using Multiple Nuxeo SDKs

You can install multiple Nuxeo SDKs (with different flavors and versions). But you cannot use them in parallel in the same workspace. Only one Nuxeo SDK can be used in an Eclipse workspace at a time: the one that you check in the SDK preferences view.

You can switch to another Nuxeo SDK at anytime, by checking the SDK of your choice in the preferences. This will recompile all of your Nuxeo projects against the new Nuxeo SDK.

You can for example use this method to check if your projects are compiling on different Nuxeo Platform versions.

If you need to work on projects that target different Nuxeo Platform versions, then you must use a different workspace for each Nuxeo Platform version you need. Checking a Nuxeo SDK - i.e. making an SDK the default one - is relative to an Eclipse workspace.

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