Content Federation with Simflofy

Updated: December 19, 2019

The Nuxeo Simflofy addon allows users to search, find and view documents stored in an external system, thanks to Nuxeo federation capabilities. Binary files can either be copied in Nuxeo repository or remain "in-place".

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Simflofy is a Federation and Integration platform for content management. It provides ways to search or migrate data across multiple content repositories.

Synchronization Process

The synchronization is done according to the following scenario:

  1. Simflofy periodically queries 3rd party repositories to fetch content based on rules that can be specified (New documents, modified documents, ...).

  2. Simflofy creates documents in Nuxeo with references to these contents.

  3. Nuxeo is then able to access the documents that are stored in those 3rd party repositories.

Simflofy documents are now stored in Nuxeo like any other document.


Simflofy requirements
Note that Simflofy requires MongoDB 3.4.x as a database.


This addon comes with a Blob Provider that enables access from Nuxeo to any content that Simflofy knows how to federate. This blob provider is configurable with the following parameters:

  • nuxeo.simflofy.url: the Simflofy URL.
  • nuxeo.simflofy.username: the username that Nuxeo will use to access Simflofy.
  • nuxeo.simflofy.password: the password that Nuxeo will use to access Simflofy.
  • nuxeo.simflofy.createFromKey.users: the list of users that can create blobs in this blob provider (separated by commas).

Full access
nuxeo.simflofy.createFromKey.users=* allows all users to be able to create blobs.



These configuration parameters should be provided in the configuration file nuxeo.conf.

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