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Topic Description


Ajax suggest search box  

Add suggestion in the simple search input.

  • Olivier Grisel, Nuxeo
  • Ronan Le Gall, Nuxeo
  • Vladimir Pasquier, Nuxeo

Improve note document type

add support for markdown support, add custom PDF export

  • Benoît Delbosc, Nuxeo
  • Quentin Lamerand, Nuxeo

Integrate rating service

Leverage existing Rating system provided by LM team

  • Laurent Doguin, Nuxeo
  • Damien Metzler, Leroy Merlin


Play with comet, Bayeux ... ( see CommetD and Atmosphere ) or integrate Cloud9, EtherPad or EtherPad Light (Etherpad light looks actually really cool and easy to get started with), or ShareJS (

  • Florent Guillaume, Nuxeo
  • Stéphane Lacoin, Nuxeo

iOS Nuxeo Client

Build iOS Automation Client + Simple iOS Application (NB: see for existing iOS app based on CMIS).

  • Stéfane Fermiger, Nuxeo
  • Benjamin Jalon, Nuxeo,
  • JJ
  • Arnaud Kervern, Nuxeo
  • Thomas Roger, Nuxeo
  • Frédéric Vadon, Nuxeo

Website generator plugin

Leverage requirements and experience of PCSOL integrators so as to provide a flexible WCM plugin. PCSOL is coming for this subject!
Damien will come with an internal project that may implements some of the requirements.

  • Patrice, PCSOL
  • Stephan, PCSol
  • Alain Escaffre, Nuxeo
  • Damien Metzler, Leroy Merlin
  • Bogdan Stefanescu, Nuxeo
  • Anahide Tchertchian, Nuxeo

Android Testing

Test and integrate tools to be able to use TDD and build a real CI when using Android SDK

  • Julien Carsique, Nuxeo
  • Thierry Delprat, Nuxeo
  • Eugen Ionica, Nuxeo
  • Edouard Mercier, Smart&Soft