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  1. Anonymous

    Using any RDBMS for full-text search is begging for trouble IMHO.  Tried Lucene?

    If the "gratuitous nonstandard syntax" leads to more complex Nuxeo internals, you probably have a coupling problem anyways.

    1. Lucene is very nice but when you want a relational (JOIN-based) clause and fulltext search in the same query there's no way to do it efficiently with just Lucene. So fulltext search in the database, when available and correctly implemented, is really an important bonus.

      With Lucene it's also impossible to update just a field in a document, you have to rewrite all the document, which is very bad for efficient updates.

      Anyway Nuxeo can work with Lucene, but this is less integrated than everything-in-the-RDBMS.

      Regarding the syntax of course it's a non-issue once you've written an abstraction layer, but still, it's gratuitous.

    2. Note also that we're using Lucene, but not for our core repository service (because, mostly, because we need to do JOINS between regular fields and fulltext indexes).

      See this blog post for our use of Lucene in the context of semantic content analysis.

      We also have integrated external search engine, such as Solr (based on Lucene). 

  2. Anonymous

    I am a fan of MySql personally so I just wanted to say thank you for having real and current information about why MySql may not work in your situation.  So often the criticisms are by people who obviously have no clue what they are talking about or are parroting arguments from years ago.

    Most of the above do not particularly impact me in my own work.  For me, MySql is often the best solution by a large margin.  However, I agree that some of these do need to be addressed for MySql to be applicable more broadly.  PostgreSQL (and indeed other databases as well) can certainly be the right tool for the job in many cases.

    Again, thank you for raising the level of dialogue to specific points about concrete issues.