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Welcome to the Nuxeo Dev Sprint space!

In this space, you'll find information about our dev sprints. A dev sprint, or development sprint, is a two-day development session during which small teams focus on the development of features and topics they get to choose. At the end of the two days, development stops and the teams demonstrate the results of their development work. The only rule is to be able to show the results at the end the sprint.


Our last sprint took place in October 07-08 2013, just before Nuxeo World, our international conference. The net sprint is not yet scheduled.

Who can participate?

The whole Nuxeo dev team participates in these events, plus pre-sales engineers, project managers and, of course, volunteer external developers. Just sign up!

What are the topics?

Any Nuxeo-related topic is open during the sprints: a new Studio template, a prototype of a connector with an external application, a new feature on a Nuxeo application... the sky's the limit! 
You can consult the list of topics for the next sprint at any time.

Our sprints

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