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Here is the lists of attendees and topics that were suggested for the coming Nuxeo World 2011 dev sprint.

Feel free to sign up for an existing topic or add any Nuxeo-related topic you would like to work on during the sprint. Click Edit and add your topic and / or your name to the table.


You need to have a user account on the wiki to be able to sign up and add a topic. If you don't have one, click on the Sign up link next to the search box.


Topic Description


Ajax suggest search box

Add suggestion in the simple search input.

  • Olivier Grisel, Nuxeo
  • Ronan Le Gall, Nuxeo
  • Vladimir Pasquier, Nuxeo

Improve note document type

add support for markdown support, add custom PDF export

  • Benoît Delbosc, Nuxeo
  • Quentin Lamerand, Nuxeo

Integrate rating service

Leverage existing Rating system provided by LM team

  • Laurent Doguin, Nuxeo
  • Damien Metzler, Leroy Merlin


Play with comet, Bayeux ... ( see CommetD and Atmosphere ) or integrate Cloud9, EtherPad or EtherPad Light (Etherpad light looks actually really cool and easy to get started with), or ShareJS (

  • Florent Guillaume, Nuxeo
  • Stéphane Lacoin, Nuxeo

iOS Nuxeo Client

Build iOS Automation Client + Simple iOS Application (NB: see for existing iOS app based on CMIS).

  • Stéfane Fermiger, Nuxeo
  • Benjamin Jalon, Nuxeo,
  • JJ
  • Arnaud Kervern, Nuxeo
  • Thomas Roger, Nuxeo
  • Frédéric Vadon, Nuxeo

Website generator plugin

Leverage requirements and experience of PCSOL integrators so as to provide a flexible WCM plugin. PCSOL is coming for this subject!
Damien will come with an internal project that may implements some of the requirements.

  • Patrice, PCSOL
  • Stephan, PCSol
  • Alain Escaffre, Nuxeo
  • Damien Metzler, Leroy Merlin
  • Bogdan Stefanescu, Nuxeo
  • Anahide Tchertchian, Nuxeo

Android Testing

Test and integrate tools to be able to use TDD and build a real CI when using Android SDK

  • Julien Carsique, Nuxeo
  • Thierry Delprat, Nuxeo
  • Eugen Ionica, Nuxeo
  • Edouard Mercier, Smart&Soft

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1 Comment

  1. I like the PUSH topic!
    Comment for the team who will play with it.
    I've recently met folks at While I have not investigated further, it might be interesting to look at that their Websocket gateway (not sure it is in the scope of what you plan to explore) during this sprint.