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The preview enables you to see an insight of your document.

The PDF files preview is leveraged by pdf.js by Mozilla. The preview of other file types are leveraged by the Nuxeo Platform preview module.

Several means to preview documents are available.

  • For office and PDF documents: Click on the icon in the document view. The preview opens in a popup window.

  • For all previewable documents, a Preview button ( icon) is available on the Document Actions section area (top right on the Web UI document view). On the JSF UI, you can find this on the Summary tab of a document, clicking on More > Preview. The document preview is displayed in a popup window.

  • On the JSF UI, you can also preview a document along with its main metadata on the Info-View pop-up, accessible from any thumbnail listing.

Supported Formats and Requirements

The table below shows for which file formats the preview is available. The installation of third-party software is required for some formats of the list below.

To preview files in the formats AI, EPS, PSD and TIFF, the created document must be a 'Picture' and not 'File' type.

File format Preview supported
.ai Yes
.doc Yes
.docx Yes
.eps Yes
.html Yes
.jpg Yes
.odp Yes
.ods Yes
.odt Yes
.pdf Yes
.png Yes
.ppt Yes
.pptx Yes
.psd Yes
.tiff Yes
.xls Yes
.xlsx Yes
.xml Yes

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