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Updated: June 8, 2020

The Nuxeo Marketplace is Nuxeo's ECM application store. It offers plugins and packages, called Nuxeo Packages, that enable you to easily add features to your Nuxeo application. The list of available Nuxeo Packages is available to everyone, but some packages require a Nuxeo Online Services account to be able to install packages.

The Marketplace offers packages aimed at developers and other that provide new features to end-users. Most of the packages can be installed very easily on your instance and don't require any additional installation or configuration step. However, some other addons, typically connectors with other systems, involve some additional configuration.

Each package has a dedicated page on the Marketplace, that describes the features the package enables, if there are prerequisites, etc. Most important information is:

  • Production state: Indicates if the package is approved by Nuxeo or is still in testing phase.
  • Certification status: Indicates if the packages has been certified by Nuxeo or not.
  • Vendor support: Indicates if the package is covered by Nuxeo Online Services support contracts.
  • Target platforms: Nuxeo applications on which you can install the package.
  • License: License applied to the package.
  • Vendor: Name of the person or company who developed the package.
  • Package dependencies: Indicates if there are some requirements for the package to be correctly installed.

Here is a list of Nuxeo Packages available on the Nuxeo Marketplace for the latest version of the Nuxeo Platform.

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