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Welcome to the Nuxeo Connect portal Documentation Center.

Nuxeo Connect is Nuxeo's subscription program offering software maintenance, support, hosted design and monitoring services for applications built with the Nuxeo platform. The Nuxeo Connect Portal is the central place to access all of the tools and services to support your Nuxeo instance(s), and where you can find all the information about your application(s).



This documentation is copyrighted by Nuxeo and published under the Creative Common BY-SA license. More details on the Nuxeo documentation license page.

For your application (or each of your applications if you have several Nuxeo applications), you can:

From the Nuxeo Connect Portal, you can also access the list of issues and questions you have reported and asked the support team through JIRA, along with the issue status. All the distributions previously published are also available for download.

Besides Nuxeo Studio, which is used to create new features for your application, you can also use the Nuxeo Marketplace to install packaged applications and optional features provided by the Nuxeo developer community. Marketplace packages and Studio customizations are also available in your application's Admin Center, from which you can manage your application without writing code or editing configuration files.

The Nuxeo Connect portal also provides the list of available resources, such as access to this Nuxeo Documentation Center, and a marketing kit with slides, brochures and resources about Nuxeo and our products, so you can reuse them for your own application.


Besides, here is a list of features you maybe interested in, depending on your profile:

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