This documentation refers to the coming unreleased 5.6 version of the Nuxeo Platform. You may want to read the 5.5 version of this page.

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Welcome to the Documentation Center for the document management modules of the Nuxeo Platform

The Nuxeo Platform includes several document management modules that help manage and track the flow of content through the business cycle, from capture and creation, to sharing, to approval and publishing.

All modules are installed on the naked Platform, which provides a set of document management features by default, which can be enriched by the modules below:

  • Document Management, which provides additional document management features,
  • Social Collaboration, which provides project and user-centrics views of content,
  • Digital Asset Management, which provides browsing and edition features adapted to multimedia content,
  • Case Management, which brings case-centric processes and views.

In this space, you will find here all the guides to help you work with the Document Management and Social Collaboration modules of the Nuxeo Platform.

The installation Guide helps you start with the Nuxeo Platform: installing the Platform and installing the Document Management module on it. After that, you can refer to the Document Management User Guide to get to know our document management functionalities and to the Social Collaboration User Guide to see how to manage your content in a social manner.

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Document and Content Management user guides

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