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Nuxeo products such as Nuxeo Document Management (DM) and Nuxeo Digital Asset Management (DAM) are based on the technical layer Nuxeo Enterprise Platform, a full-featured and flexible software platform to create content-centric applications. As a consequence, they inherit the extensibility and configuration of the platform, and let you configure and adapt the way it is supposed to work so that you can inject your business constraints and rules in the product.

You can do so by writing or customizing XML configuration files, or you can use Nuxeo Studio, an application delivered in SaaS mode as part of your Connect subscription. Studio lets you quickly configure and customize the platform to build a vertical content application, composite content application or a specific implementation project.

Nuxeo Studio functionality currently covers documents structure definition, documents screening and editing, actions, events, workflows and automation chains designing and will soon include rules engine.

You can get an overview of Nuxeo Studio features in this screencast (2:30):

Nuxeo Studio has its own embedded online documentation, thus this section is not meant to be a full Studio operational manual, but a simple explanation of a few necessary core concepts to be aware of to ensure a good start with the solution, plus a list of useful hints and a great tutorial "how to" exercise, that will quickly make you self-sufficient enough to design your own application.


To get familiar with Nuxeo Studio, take a look at our Studio Getting Started Guide.

Nuxeo Studio can be used with Nuxeo DM 5.3.1+ distributions


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