Java Client SDK 3.13

Java Client SDK 3.13

Updated: July 18, 2024

The Nuxeo Java Client is a Java client library for Nuxeo REST API.

It is compatible with all Nuxeo versions as of LTS 2015.

breaking changes
Method calls to Repository#queryByProvider with queryParam = null won't compile anymore because of the introduction of namedParameters to the queryByProvider method. You need to remove the null given to queryParam parameter.

Getting Started

Follow this tutorial to have a running Nuxeo instance on your local machine.


To use nuxeo-java-client, you can download it from our Nexus: Nuxeo Client Library 3.13.0.

If you use Maven, you need to have nuxeo-java-client as dependency:



Client Creation

Nuxeo Java Client is created with help of its Builder. Once every options are submitted, last step is to build the client and test the connection to Nuxeo Server:

NuxeoClient client = new NuxeoClient.Builder()
                                    .authentication("Administrator", "Administrator")
                                    .schemas("*") // fetch all document schemas

Client is now ready to execute requests to Nuxeo Server. After its creation, it will contain the current Nuxeo user and the Nuxeo Server version.

More documentation about client options.

just build the client
You can use build instead of connect to not perform any request to check the authentication.

Fetch Your First Document

Below is how we can retrieve default domain from a stock Nuxeo Server:

Document domain = client.repository().fetchDocumentByPath("/default-domain");
String title = domain.getPropertyValue("dc:title"); // should be equal to "Domain"


The 3.13 Nuxeo Java Client version is compatible with Java 11 and greater.


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