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Binding Studio Projects to an Nuxeo IDE Project

Updated: January 2, 2020

Nuxeo IDE is being replaced by the Nuxeo Generator and won’t be maintained any longer. You can take a look at the page Configure Nuxeo Platform to discover how to use the Nuxeo Generator.

The whole purpose of enabling to work with Nuxeo Studio is to be able to use elements configured in Studio from Nuxeo IDE, and to benefit from Eclipse key features such as code completion. As you may have several projects (both in Nuxeo Studio and in Nuxeo IDE), you need to indicate which Studio project the Nuxeo IDE project should be bound to.

Binding Nuxeo IDE and Studio Projects

To bind a Studio project and a Nuxeo IDE project:

  1. In the Project explorer view, right-click on the project name and click on Properties.
  2. Click on Nuxeo > Nuxeo Studio.
  3. Check the project you want to use.
  4. Click on the Apply or OK button.

A new Studio Projects item is available in the project tree. This item contains an item for each of the Studio project you bound to your project. This way, you can browse the content of each individual Studio project dependency by opening it in the editor area (i.e. double-click on the Studio project item). Double-clicking on the Studio items will redirect you to Nuxeo Studio in your browser.

Also, you can export to one of the studio projects you bound the operations that are present in your current project: right-click on the Studio project and then click on Export Operations. To export operations from multiple projects use the global export operation feature as explained in Uploading Custom Operations in Nuxeo Studio.

XPath Autocompletion

The code autocompletion now takes your content model configuration into account. So, anywhere you want to use a document property XPath in your code you can use the Eclipse autocompletion feature to cycle through possible completion - one of them being provided by the Studio projects you bound to the project.

Document Adapters

You can also create Document adapters for your Studio document types.

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