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Configuring a Nuxeo Online Services Account

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Nuxeo IDE is being replaced by the Nuxeo Generator and won’t be maintained any longer. You can take a look at the page Start customizing the Nuxeo Platform to discover how to use the Nuxeo Generator.

To enable Nuxeo IDE to leverage your Nuxeo Studio customization, you need to configure your Nuxeo Online Services account so Nuxeo IDE can connect to Studio.

To configure a Nuxeo Online Services account:

  1. Open Eclipse preferences and go to Nuxeo > Nuxeo Connect. The Host name is already filled in with Nuxeo Connect address.
  2. Type your Connect login and password and click on the Connect button. The lists of Studio projects associated to your account is displayed.
  3. Click on OK. The Preferences window closes. You can now go to the Studio view to browse your Studio customizations.

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