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Updated: November 7, 2021

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Nuxeo Insight applies Machine Learning to your content, uses your content as a dataset and predicts your taxonomies and ontologies. It understands your content and generates your business-specific metadata providing critical data to your searches, your processes and your use cases.


Understand how we achieve business-specific AI and how Nuxeo Insight is Enterprise Ready.
See the overview page for more information.

Working With Content Bots

As a domain expert you know your content, that's all that's needed, no Machine Learning expertise required.

  • First step is to experiment and create your content bots.
  • You can then manage, monitor them and their evolution.
  • As you publish and use them you have full control on this governance.

Active Improvements

Evolving content bots is a critical aspect of improving their ROI. This is achieved by adding more content and annotating it with the human in the loop. Nevertheless, we use active learning to optimize human participation and make it as productive and efficient as we can. Also, as not all performance aspects are on the same level, we let you decide what metadata is your priority and focus specifically on those, allowing a rapid evolution on what is important for your business.


Nuxeo Insight roadmap only takes into account strategic topics.
The roadmap has cards that map to a strategic topic. On each card, there's a title, details and ideas belonging to that topic. You can follow the status of each idea.

The roadmap has three sections:

  • Now: being developed. We will normally focus on only one topic according to its priority.
  • Next: will be added to a new column. Their priority can still change.
  • Later: candidate topics currently in discovery mode. Over time, these will be promoted to the next section, but they can still be removed.

See the Roadmap and don't hesitate to give us feedback.


Our latest version is 1.4 (aka Human in the Loop - Milestone 2) which was released on Oct. 15th 2021. Be sure to check the release notes.

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