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Digital Asset Management

Updated: November 8, 2022

Upload & Store

  • Bulk Upload
    Upload hundreds of any kind of assets at once with drag and drop, Nuxeo Drive, etc.

  • Automated Metadata Extraction
    Nuxeo Platform enables to extract information from the uploaded files attached to a document and automatically fill in the document metadata at creation time. This enables you to leverage metadata existing outside the Nuxeo Platform to automatically categorize documents, preventing users from editing document to report these metadata.

  • Nuxeo Live Connect
    Nuxeo provides out-of-the-box integration with Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business. There’s no need to copy content residing in these file-sharing applications or to convert it to be stored in Nuxeo’s Content Services Platform.

  • Supported File Formats
    The Digital Asset Management module supports a large number of file formats (Video, images, PDFs, 3D models, and more).

Manage & Organize

  • Bulk Edit
    Nuxeo Spreadsheet add-on allows to bulk edit documents starting from a content view result set, providing a spreadsheet-like user experience. It enables you to add and/or remove metadata (like Nature, Subject, etc.), rename files, add information to a new metadata field, add a description, etc.

  • Versioning
    The Nuxeo Repository includes a versioning system. At any time, you can ask the repository to create and archive a version of a document. Versioning can be done automatically, according to some versioning policies, or on-demand, through the UI.

  • Archiving Media
    The History tab displays the previous versions of the document that were archived when the document was edited and its version increased. All previous versions can be consulted, restored and/or deleted.

  • Workflows
    The Nuxeo workflow engine provides the usual features you would expect from a workflow engine and leverages the main modules of the platform: the repository, the Automation service, layouts for all the user interactions and process implementations. It provides high level features regarding task management such as filterable tasks lists, reminders, task reassignment, task delegation, task reminders.

Search & Find

  • Search
    The search form uses Elasticsearch aggregates for most fields: aggregate fields values are filtered so as to display only relevant values and show the count of matching documents for each value.

  • Asset Search
    This search will let you search by assets metadata, such as type, format, width, height, etc. The Assets search form offers several search criteria, that you can associate to define your search and find documents.

  • Preview
    The preview enables you to see an insight of your document. Nuxeo supports preview for all sort of files format.

Share & Distribute

  • Collections
    Collections are a folder-like document in which you can classify existing documents. Documents are not actually copied or moved into the collection, which only holds a link to the document in its original location.

  • Watermarks
    Add watermarking to your photo or video to prevent unauthorized distribution of your assets.

  • Security
    The Nuxeo repository security relies on a list of unitary permissions that are used within the repository to grant or deny access. Nuxeo Platform comes with a default set of permissions and permissions groups but you can contribute yours too.

  • Publish Assets
    Your documents are meant to be published into digital publication channels, discover how Nuxeo Platform can help you to publish your assets.

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