WebEngine (JAX-RS)

Default WebEngine Applications

Updated: October 16, 2020

This page is a work in progress. See NXDOC-229 for details.

URLs exposed by WebEngine module are of the form /nuxeo/site/* (where * is a service offered by a WebEngine module):

  • /nuxeo/site: root page listing the "available WebEngine applications"
  • /nuxeo/site/admin: simple WebEngine UI to access administrative features
  • /nuxeo/site/automation: base URL for Automation services, documentation is available at /nuxeo/site/automation/doc
  • /nuxeo/site/gadgets: base URL for gadgets Rest requests
  • /nuxeo/site/dav: WebDAV service
  • /nuxeo/site/connectClient: URL to request Nuxeo Connect services (packages lists, registration ...)
  • /nuxeo/site/shell: Nuxeo Shell applet
  • /nuxeo/site/layout-manager: Layouts and Widgets (Forms, Listings, Grids) services and documentation

Depending on the addons you've installed, you could also expose these URLs:

  • /nuxeo/site/mobile: URL for the mobile application
  • /nuxeo/site/sites: WebEngine front-end for Site (mini-site) documents
  • /nuxeo/site/blogs: WebEngine front-end for Blog documents


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