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Nuxeo Android Connector

Updated: October 16, 2020

What is Nuxeo Android Connector

Nuxeo Android Connector is a SDK to build Android Applications that communicate with a Nuxeo Server.

Nuxeo Content Automation

Nuxeo SDK for Android is based on Nuxeo Content Automation. Basically, the Android will use Automation REST API to communicate with the Nuxeo server.

Using Automation brings several advantages :

  • API calls is simple and very extensible (you can contribute new operations or chains via Nuxeo Studio or Nuxeo IDE)

  • Calls are efficient and easily cachable (REST + JSON Marshaling)

  • Thanks to Operation Chains, you can have a single call executing several operations within the same transaction

The heart of Nuxeo SDK for Android is the Nuxeo Automation Client.

The version of the Automation Client is slightly different from the standard Java Automation Client because some dependencies are not the same (using Android SDK JSON on Android and Jackson on the standard Java). But the API and the logic remain the same, only internal implementation is a little bit different.

In addition, as it will be presented later, the Nuxeo SDK for Android provides more than just the Automation Client.

Android Connector Content Overview

The Android Connector is a single library that provides the required infrastructure to build an Android application that uses services and content from a Nuxeo server.

This connector includes :

Getting the Connector and the Source Code

Source code for Nuxeo Android Connector is available in Nuxeo's GitHub .

Sample Application

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