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Nuxeo Distributions

Updated: October 16, 2020

The nuxeo-distribution module is used for packaging of the Nuxeo products: Nuxeo EP/DM  /Jetty/Tomcat, Nuxeo Shell, Nuxeo Core Server, ... It is a way to specify declaratively which bundles and static resources are part of your application.

With nuxeo-distribution, you can build from Nuxeo sources, or from existing distribution and much more: if you need to assemble your own distribution, you will find in nuxeo-distribution resources, templates and samples on which to base your packaging.

You don't need to use the nuxeo-distribution module if:

You have to use nuxeo-distribution module if:

  • You want to reproduce the Nuxeo build process,
  • You want to build Nuxeo offline, => Being unable to download artifacts from internet, you will need a lot of other Nuxeo sources and some third-party artifacts.
  • You work on Nuxeo source code and need quick feedback on your changes, you don't want to wait for our continuous integration system building nuxeo-distribution.

Read to the Nuxeo Core Developer Guide for more information on how to package from sources using nuxeo-distribution.

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