Events and Listeners

Event and Listener How To Index

Updated: December 19, 2019

Title Excerpt Topics Level
How to Create an Automation Chain This how-to explains the different steps to create and configure an automation chain using Nuxeo Studio. Automation, Event handler, User action Beginner
How to Inherit a Metadata from a Parent Document In this how-to, we will implement an event handler, that will listen to the creation of documents. When the created document matches some predefined criteria, the listener will execute a content automation chain. The chain will copy the "source" metadata value from the workspace to the created document. Automation, Event handler Beginner
How to Modify a Workflow Variable outside of Workflow Context Learn how to modify a workflow outside of the workflow context. Workflow, Event, Listener Advanced
How to Set a Default Date on a Field at Document Creation Learn how to set a default date on a field at document creation using Nuxeo Studio's event handlers and automation chains. Layout, Event Advanced

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