Nuxeo Glossary


Updated: November 7, 2021

NXR (NuXeo application aRchive)


The Nuxeo application archive is a structure built by a Nuxeo packaging process. That archive (a ZIP or an exploded directory) contains all the required Nuxeo bundles and third-party libraries assembled as an application. It may contain some configuration files even if those are usually stored either in the Nuxeo bundles, either outside the NXR in the configuration templates directory.

The NXR is aimed at being reorganized when being deployed in a server: it will then become an EAR, a WAR, a Nuxeo Runtime, ...

Historically, the NXR was called a "Nuxeo EAR" or "Nuxeo assembly".

Main Nuxeo NXR are:


The NXR is built by Maven using ant-assembly-maven-plugin. See for instance nuxeo-distribution/nuxeo-distribution-cap.


The NXR is used in the build process. It is repackaged in a Marketplace Package for being later deployed in a server. Both NXR and Marketplace Package are multi-server compliant.

Standard NXR content

|-- bundles (Nuxeo bundles)
`-- lib (third-party libraries)

The following resources are usually not included in NXR. Thus, they can be included in the Marketplace Package for being installed as part of a specific configuration template.

Sample resources usually moved out from NXR to the configuration templates

|   `-- templates
|-- config
`-- plugins

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