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Additional Services

Updated: October 16, 2020

This section lists additional services and modules that are part of the default distribution of the Nuxeo Platform. You can also refer to the additional packages section for understanding how to integrate features offered by additional plugins.

  • File Manager — The File Manager is used for creating documents from simple binaries.
  • Nuxeo Core Import / Export API — The import / export service is providing an API to export a set of documents from the repository in an XML format and then re-importing them back. The service can also be used to create in batch document trees from valid import archives or to provide a simple solution of creating and retrieving repository data. This could be used for example to expose repository data through REST or raw HTTP requests.
  • Conversion
  • Collections — This page explains how collections are implemented and how to define the document types that be added or not to a collection.
  • Preview — The nuxeo-platform-preview module provides services, converters and adapters to generate HTML previews of a Nuxeo DocumentModel. You may want to understand in details how this module works so as to change the behavior for a given MIME type or add the support of a new format.
  • Tagging — The tag service uses two important concepts: a tag object, and a tagging action. Both are represented as Nuxeo documents.
  • Thumbnail — Documents can have a thumbnail. A thumbnail is a reduced-size version of a picture used to help in recognizing and organizing documents. It will stand for any kind of document according to the type and/or facet.
  • Publisher

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