Nuxeo Server

Additional Services

This section lists additional services and modules that are part of the default distribution of the Nuxeo Platform. You can also refer to the Nuxeo add-ons page to understand how to integrate features offered by additional plugins.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization brings a set of custom elements are available for bootstrapping custom graphical dashboards.

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Documents can have a thumbnail. A thumbnail is a reduced-size version of a picture used to help in recognizing and organizing documents. It will stand for any kind of document according to the type and/or facet.

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The WorkManager service allows you to run code later, asynchronously, in a separate thread and transaction.

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File Manager

The File Manager is used to create documents from simple binaries. It is a traditional Nuxeo Platform service that offers some methods that help standardize what happens when a file is captured in the Platform.

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