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Updated: October 16, 2020
  • Repository Concepts — This page summarizes all the main concepts about documents, access to documents and document storage.
  • Persistence Architecture
  • Versioning
  • Available Facets
  • Downloading Files — This page provides the logic for building the correct URL for downloading a file stored on a Nuxeo Document, provided we know the document ID.
  • Deleting Documents — Deleting a document involves several steps before the full document is actually deleted from the database and disk. These steps are described below.
  • CMIS
  • WebDAV
  • How to Define a Document Type — You can create as many document types as you want with Nuxeo Studio. This how-to explains the different steps to do so.
  • How to Override Existing Document Types — Any built-in document type can be overridden: you just have to use the good ID, inherit the good type and add some necessary schemas and facets. We provide a table that should give you all necessary information.
  • How to Add Complex Fields on Your Document Type — Nuxeo Studio enables you to create your own document types, with their associated metadata. Metadata can be simple text fields, dates, text areas, etc. They can also be more complex with several related informations. A typical example would be a "Sender" metadata, that would be composed of four pieces of information: The sender's last name, his/her first name, the company and the company's logo.
  • How to Enable the Trash Feature — To enable the trash on your document type, you need either to assign him the default life cycle (which is the case if you don't configure it) or, if you created a custom life cycle, to provide delete transitions to the deleted state, from each other state. Moreover, in order to be able to restore documents, you must provide a undelete transition from the deleted state to another state in the lifecycle.
  • How to Enable Add-Ons Features on Custom Document Type — To know how to apply features provided by the Nuxeo Marketplace add-ons on your document types and features defined in Studio, see the documentation of the add-ons.
  • Document Type How-To Index

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