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Performance Recommendations

Updated: October 16, 2020
  • Check that common properties are set as prefetched.
  • If you don't want to match proxies in your query add a "AND ecm:isProxy = 0" clause
  • If you don't use proxy at all deactivate them at the repository level inside the <repository> tag add

      <proxies enabled="false" />
  • If you are doing NXQL query that involve custom schema you may need to add custom index to make the request efficient. You can trace the slow NXQL queries using NXP-14845.

  • Use groups to manage ACL. Adding a user to a group is free, but adding a user in an ACL at the root level has a cost because optimized read ACLs need to be recomputed.
  • Consider disabling the OS swapping (sudo swapoff -a) or try to lower the swapiness (vm .swappiness = 1)
  • Check the network latency between the application and the database.
  • Configure ImageMagick to use a single thread.
  • Monitor everything, JVM, GC, VCS cache hit ratio, database, system.


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