Indexing and Query

How to Make a Page Provider or Content View Query Elasticsearch Index

Updated: October 16, 2020

When configuring a content view in Nuxeo Studio, you can make it query Elasticsearch instead of the Core API. This may be interesting for performance/scalability reasons as well as for enabling aggregates support. This page lists the required steps:

Overriding an Existing Page Provider

See in nuxeo.conf the property "elasticsearch.override.pageproviders". Uncomment it and pickup some of the mentioned page providers.


You can view the list of the Page Providers in the Admin Center/Elasticsearch/Page Provider tab, the CoreQueryDocumentPageProvider listed in blue can be overridden by Elasticsearch.

Configuring a New Content View (and Underlying Page Provider) With Nuxeo Studio

  1. In Studio, on the content view, on the query & form tab, check "Use Elasticsearch index" and Save.

  2. Deploy your Nuxeo Studio project. You are done!

Elasticsearch indexing is "eventually consistent". This means that depending on your indexing server charge, you may have a small delay before Elasticsearch returns the latest content update/create/delete.