HOWTO: Deploy Your Project in Dev Mode

Updated: July 11, 2024

The Dev mode, as its name stands, is for development only. You should always deploy a released version of your project on a production instance.

You can update your Nuxeo Platform instance with your Studio configuration by going to the Admin Center > Update Center, on the Studio tab.

  1. Make sure your Nuxeo Platform instance is registered.
  2. Go to the Admin Center > Update Center > Studio tab.
  3. Activate the Dev mode by clicking on the dedicated button. It says you need to restart but this is actually not mandatory.
  4. Click on the Update button.
  5. Your Studio project configuration is automatically downloaded and (re)deployed on your Nuxeo Platform.
    In case your Studio project has several branches, note that deploying your customization will deploy the registered user's current branch.
  6. You can do it as many time as you do modifications in Studio. We actually recommend you to be very iterative, and not to let to many changes go before updating your Nuxeo Platform with the newest Studio project configuration.

To deploy a specific branch on your application:

  1. Make sure the branch you want to deploy is the current branch in Nuxeo Studio.
  2. Update your application with the Studio configuration.

The Studio project is available as a Nuxeo Package. Thus, all the nuxeoctl's mp-* commands can be used to list, download, install, uninstall and upgrade a Nuxeo Studio configuration.

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