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Updated: October 16, 2020

JAX-WS Bindings

The Nuxeo Platform includes a JAX-WS compliant implementation to expose SOAP based web services. Sun JAX-WS (Metro) is used.

As explained earlier in these pages, JAX-WS is not the preferred way to expose web services on top of Nuxeo Platform. This is the reason why the default distributions don't expose a lot of SOAP based web services. By default, the exposed SOAP web services include:

  • A read only access to the Document Repository and the User Manager (NuxeoRemoting),
  • A read only access to the Audit trail (NuxeoAudit),
  • The CMIS bindings.

If you want to access the SOAP web service:

  • To list all the deployed endpoints:

    • http://server:port/nuxeo/webservices/nuxeoremoting to list all the deployed endpoints (when using SUN Metro),
    • http://server:port/jbossws/services (when using JbossWS),
  • To access NuxeoRemoting WSDL: http://server:port/nuxeo/webservices/nuxeoremoting?wsdl
  • To access NuxeoAudit WSDL: http://server:port/nuxeo/webservices/nuxeoaudit?wsdl.

The point of SOAP web services is not to have a 1 to 1 mapping with the Java services interfaces. The goal is to provide a "coarse grained" high level API. So it's easy to build new SOAP based web services on top of Nuxeo:

  • The JAX-WS infrastructure is already there,
  • The authentication system is already in place,
  • We provide the base class to manage Repository and security (AbstractNuxeoWebService),
  • We already provide JAXB objects for Documents, Security descriptors, properties ...

You can find a step-by-step example on the page Building a SOAP-Based WebService in the Nuxeo Platform.

You might also want to build a web service client in Nuxeo to be able to query a remote web service. A simple example is available on the page Building a SOAP-Based WebService Client in Nuxeo.

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