Workflow How-To Index

Updated: October 16, 2020

Title Excerpt Topics Level
How to Complete a Workflow Task Programmatically Learn how to complete a workflow task programmatically. Workflow, Task Advanced
How to Display a Button/a Tab Only When a Workflow Is Started Learn how to display a tab or a button when a workflow is started. Workflow Intermediate
How to Follow a Transition If User Is Member of a Group Learn how to follow a transition if the user is member of a particular group. Workflow, Transition Advanced
How to Make a Simple Task Assignment to One or Many Users Learn how to create a task and assign it to one or many users. Workflow, Automation, Task Intermediate
How to Modify a Workflow Variable outside of Workflow Context Learn how to modify a workflow outside of the workflow context. Workflow, Event, Listener Advanced
How to Query Workflow Objects Learn how to query workflow objects using NXQL. Workflow, NXQL, Query Advanced
How to Refresh the Task Widget on the Summary Tab Learn how to refresh the task widget on the Summary tab. Workflow, Widget Advanced
How to Set Up a Tasks Dashboard Learn how to manage a tasks dashboard. Workflow, Dashboard Advanced
How to Set a Default Value on a Date Field of a Task Form Learn how to set a value by default on a date field. Workflow Advanced

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