Nuxeo Server

Workflow How-To Index

Updated: March 18, 2024

Title Excerpt Topics Level
HOWTO: Add a "Save Work in Progress" Option on a Task Learn how to implement a "save work in progress" option without completing a workflow task. Workflow, Tasks Intermediate
HOWTO: Assign a Task to the User Manager This page provides the instructions to assign a task according to the task performer properties. LDAP, Workflow Intermediate
HOWTO: Complete a Workflow Task Programmatically Learn how to complete a workflow task programmatically. Workflow, Task Advanced
HOWTO: Customize Workflow Tasks Learn how to configure your workflow tasks Workflow Advanced
HOWTO: Display a Button/a Tab Only When a Workflow Is Started Learn how to display a tab or a button when a workflow is started. Workflow Intermediate
HOWTO: Follow a Transition If User Is Member of a Group Learn how to follow a transition if the user is member of a particular group. Workflow, Transition, UsersAndGroups Advanced
HOWTO: Make a Simple Task Assignment to One or Many Users Learn how to create a task and assign it to one or many users. Workflow, Automation, Task Intermediate
HOWTO: Modify a Workflow Variable outside of Workflow Context Learn how to modify a workflow outside of the workflow context. Workflow, Event, Listener Advanced
HOWTO: Programmatically test a workflow Learn how to programmatically test a workflow. Workflow, Tasks, Test Advanced
HOWTO: Query Workflow Objects Learn how to query workflow objects using NXQL. Workflow, NXQL, Query, Searches Advanced
HOWTO: Refresh the Task Widget on the Summary Tab Learn how to refresh the task widget on the Summary tab. Workflows, Widget Advanced
HOWTO: Set Up a Tasks Dashboard Learn how to manage a tasks dashboard. Workflow, Dashboard Advanced
HOWTO: Set a Default Value on a Date Field of a Task Form Learn how to set a value by default on a date field. Workflow Advanced