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Android Connector additional Services

Updated: December 6, 2021

In addition of the Automation Client, Android Connector exposes several services :

Built in services


Manages local storage of locally modified Documents.


Manages storage of updates operations until the network becomes available again.


Manage Storage of server responses.


This service is also very tied to the caching system. It manages download in a ThreadPool and caches the result on the Filesystem.


This service works side by side with the DeferredUpdateManager.

For Document create/update operations, the Blobs are not directly sent inside the Create/Update request. Basically, the Blobs are uploaded via the FileUploader service and the Create/Update operation will contain a reference to the upload batch. In order for this to work correctly the DeferredUpdate will have a dependency on the required uploads.


Accessing the services

Services are accessible via simple getters on the NuxeoContext and AndroidAutomationClient objects. You can also use the adapter system on the Session object to have direct access to all the services.

FileUploader uploader = getNuxeoSession().getAdapter(FileUploader.class);

FileDownloader downloader = getNuxeoSession().getAdapter(FileDownloader.class);

DeferredUpdateManager deferredUpdateManager = getNuxeoSession().getAdapter(DeferredUpdateManager.class);

TransientStateManager transientStateManager = getNuxeoSession().getAdapter(TransientStateManager.class);

ResponseCacheManager responseCacheManager = getNuxeoSession().getAdapter(ResponseCacheManager.class);

NuxeoLayoutService nuxeoLayoutService = getNuxeoSession().getAdapter(NuxeoLayoutService.class);

DocumentMessageService documentMessageService = getNuxeoSession().getAdapter(DocumentMessageService.class);

DocumentProvider documentProvider = getNuxeoSession().getAdapter(DocumentProvider.class);

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