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Nuxeo Automation client

Updated: December 6, 2021

In the Android Connector, the Automation Client is associated to a context that references required dependencies :

  • server configuration and credentials

  • network status information

  • Android Context (required for Filesystem and SQL Db access)

You can access this NuxeoContext by using :

  NuxeoContext.get(Context context)

context being the Android Application Context.

If you use the base class SimpleNuxeoApplication for your application, you can directly call getNuxeoContext() on the application.

The main advantages of using the SimpleNuxeoApplication base class is that :

  • access to NuxeoContext is simpler

  • the lifecycle of NuxeoContext will be bound to your application (instead of being a static singleton)

NB : you should use one method to access the NuxeoContext, but you should not mix them ...

Once you have the NuxeoContext you can directly access to the settings and the Automation Session :


  if (ctx.getNetworkStatus().isNuxeoServerReachable()) {
    Document doc = (Document) ctx.getSession().newRequest("Document.Fetch").set("value", docRef).execute();

Outside of this direct association between the Context and the Automation Client Session, the standard documentation for Nuxeo Automation Client does apply to the Automation Client embedded in Android Connector.

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