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The Nuxeo Automation PHP Client is a PHP client library for Nuxeo Automation API.

It is compatible with Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015, LTS 2016 and latest Fast Tracks.

Path to the PHP Client (v1.5)

Version 1.5.0 introduces a new fluent API. The old API is still available. Thus you can upgrade the library to the 1.5 version and access the new API and features without breaking your application.

version < 1.5.0

$client = new \Nuxeo\Automation\Client\NuxeoPhpAutomationClient('http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/automation');
$session = $client->getSession('Administrator', 'Administrator');
$answer = $session->newRequest("Document.Query")->set('params', 'query', "SELECT * FROM Document)->setSchema($propertiesSchema)->sendRequest();
$documentsArray = $answer->getDocumentList();

version >= 1.5.0

$client = new \Nuxeo\Client\Api\NuxeoClient('http://localhost:8080/nuxeo', 'Administrator', 'Administrator');
$documents = $client->schemas("*")->automation('Document.Query')->param('query', 'SELECT * FROM Document')->execute(Documents::className);

Getting Started

Library import

Download the latest stable release Nuxeo Automation PHP Client 1.5.0.


  "require": {
    "nuxeo/nuxeo-automation-php-client": "~1.5.0"


Creating a Client

The following documentation and samples applies for the 1.5 and newer versions. Calls to the Automation API for previous versions of the client will require adjustments.

For a given url:

$url = 'http://localhost:8080/nuxeo';

And given credentials:

use Nuxeo\Client\Api\NuxeoClient;

$client = new NuxeoClient($url, 'Administrator', 'Administrator');


// For defining all schemas
$client = $client->schemas("*");
// For changing authentication method

use Nuxeo\Client\Api\Auth\PortalSSOAuthentication;
use Nuxeo\Client\Api\Auth\TokenAuthentication;

// PortalSSOAuthentication with nuxeo-platform-login-portal-sso
$client = $client->setAuthenticationMethod(new PortalSSOAuthentication($secret, $username));

// TokenAuthentication
$client = $client->setAuthenticationMethod(new TokenAuthentication($token));


Automation API

To use the Automation API, Nuxeo\Client\Api\NuxeoClient#automation() is the entry point for all calls:

use Nuxeo\Client\Api\Objects\Document;

// Fetch the root document
$result = $client->automation('Repository.GetDocument')->param("value", "/")->execute(Document::className);
use Nuxeo\Client\Api\Objects\Documents;

// Execute query
$operation = $client->automation('Repository.Query')->param('query', 'SELECT * FROM Document');
$result = $operation->execute(Documents::className);
use Nuxeo\Client\Api\Objects\Blob\Blob;
use Nuxeo\Client\Api\Objects\Blob\Blobs;

// To upload|download blob(s)

$fileBlob = Blob::fromFile('/local/file.txt', 'text/plain');
$blob = $client->automation('Blob.AttachOnDocument')->param('document', '/folder/file')->input($fileBlob)->execute(Blob::className);

$inputBlobs = new Blobs();
$inputBlobs->add('/local/file1.txt', 'text/plain');
$inputBlobs->add('/local/file2.txt', 'text/plain');
$blobs = $client->automation('Blob.AttachOnDocument')->param('xpath', 'files:files')->param('document', '/folder/file')->input($inputBlobs)->execute(Blobs::className);

$resultBlob = $client->automation('Document.GetBlob')->input('folder/file')->execute(Blob::className);


The main exception type is Nuxeo\Client\Internals\Spi\NuxeoClientException and contains:

  • The HTTP error status code (666 for internal errors)
  • An info message
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