Web UI

Version 3.0.11

Updated: July 9, 2024

Release Notes
This page mentions what's new. Refer to the upgrade notes to transition to this version.

What's New in Web UI for LTS 2021 (version 3.0.11)

Adds the option to append values to multivalued properties in the context of a bulk edit form.

Noteworthy Changes

Append Values Option in Bulk Edit

When bulk editing a multivalued field, users could only replace all values with their new selection, not add more values to the existing ones. In this iteration, we are providing a new option to add additional values into a multivalued field in the context of a bulk edit form.

The following options are now available:

  • Don't change value(s)
  • Replace with
  • Add value(s) (new, multivalued fields only)
  • Empty value(s) (non-required fields only)

This new option is available transparently as soon as you install this new version of Web UI.

Rich Text Editor Height Management

The rich text editor had a fixed height, which made it difficult to write long pieces of content using it. We updated the element and are now allowing to configure the height of the nuxeo-html-editor inside the nuxeo-note-editor element using a new css variable: --nuxeo-note-editor-html-height


  • Web UI prevents from creating a vocabulary entry with whitespaces only in the id field.
  • The links to users and groups in the Task box correctly redirects to the user/group page.
  • In the Administration > Vocabularies screen, vocabulary entries will take the full width of the page to make long entries readable and to provide consistency with other screens.
  • When managing users, vocabulary properties display the vocabulary entry label when possible.
  • The fulltext field is cleared when switching between saved searches.
  • Document lists are correctly managed in Nuxeo Spreadsheet Editor.
  • Columns in a nuxeo-data-table are displayed without conflicting with the Parameters icon in lower resolution screens.
  • Column settings stick when opening a new tab.
  • A proper message is displayed when the title validation fails when saving a new search.

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