Web UI

Version 3.0.19

Updated: July 9, 2024

Release Notes
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What’s New in Web UI for LTS 2021 (Version 3.0.19)

This release helps differentiating views from downloads in the activity and audit.

Differentiate Views from Downloads (General Availability)

The audit and activity better reflect actions done in Web UI. This feature is now generally available and works with all supported file types.

When visiting a document, the activity tab shows this action as a view. Activities are registered as a download only when clicking on a download button.


In the history tab and in the audit, views are distinguished by a specific comment. The action performed is still shown as a download because a download technically happens at the server level.


Beta feature
This feature is in beta state and works on a limited scope at this stage. Images and videos are supported (independently from the document type being used). Support for other file types will come in a future update.

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • Search aggregates are updated after applying a new filter.
  • Spreadsheet editor handles Document fields.
  • The blob update does not trigger a download any more.
  • The popup disappears when pushing the Cancel button, even with special configurations.
  • nuxeo-directory-suggestion for a boolean value works with saved searches.

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