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Authentication and User Management

Updated: October 16, 2020
  • Authentication Overview — This page gives a general idea on how authentication is plugged into the platform.
  • Authentication — Nuxeo Authentication is based on the JAAS standard. Authentication infrastructure is based on two main components:
  • Using OAuth2
  • How to Add Custom LDAP Fields to the UI — To add a custom LDAP fields to the User interface you have to:
  • User Management — An abstraction, the UserManager, centralizes the way a Nuxeo Platform application deals with users (and groups of users). The UserManager is queried by the platform LoginModule when someone attempts to authenticate against the framework. It is also queried whenever someone wants the last name or email of a user for instance, or to get all users having "Bob" as their first name.
  • Using CAS2 Authentication

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