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Nuxeo Jenkins Report

Updated: December 6, 2021

The Nuxeo Jenkins Report addon enables users of the Nuxeo Platform to generate and send reports on the status of the Continuous Integration on Jenkins, directly from the Nuxeo Platform. This addon is for development teams, to help them follow and share the status of their continuous integration, while leveraging the content management features of the Nuxeo Platform.


The Nuxeo Jenkins Report addons package requires no specific installation steps. It can be installed like any other package from the Marketplace or from the Admin Center.

After you installed the package, a new document type is available for creation in workspaces and reports: the Jenkins Reports Container.


Since this addon enables users to send the report from the Nuxeo Platform, your Nuxeo server must be able to reach an e-mail server. This is the same configuration that the one required for the email alerts to work. See how to enable e-mail alerts.



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