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How to Customize Nuxeo Drive Versioning Policy

How to Configure the Versioning Delay or Version Increment

You can configure two parameters of Nuxeo Drive versioning policy thanks to the extension point fileSystemItemFactory: the last edit delay until a new version is created and which version increment will occur (minor or major).

For example, to create a major version if the document is modified 30 minutes after the last change, use this contribution:


  <extension target=""

    <fileSystemItemFactory class="" name="defaultFileSystemItemFactory" order="40">
        <parameter name="versioningDelay">1800</parameter>
        <parameter name="versioningOption">MAJOR</parameter>


How to Change Nuxeo Drive Versioning Policy

If you need to make more changes on the versioning mechanism in Nuxeo Drive:

  1. Write your own implementation of VersioningFileSystemItemFactory interface, and in particular write the expected behavior in the needsVersioning method.
  2. Contribute to the fileSystemItemFactory extension point to use your new class:
  <extension target=""

    <fileSystemItemFactory class="" name="customFileSystemItemFactory" order="20"/>


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