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How to Customize Nuxeo Drive Versioning Policy

Updated: July 17, 2023

How to Configure the Versioning Delay or Version Increment

You can configure two parameters of Nuxeo Drive versioning policy thanks to the extension point fileSystemItemFactory: the last edit delay until a new version is created and which version increment will occur (minor or major).

For example, to create a major version if the document is modified 30 minutes after the last change, use this contribution:


  <extension target=""

    <fileSystemItemFactory class="" name="defaultFileSystemItemFactory" order="40">
        <parameter name="versioningDelay">1800</parameter>
        <parameter name="versioningOption">MAJOR</parameter>


How to Change Nuxeo Drive Versioning Policy

If you need to make more changes on the versioning mechanism in Nuxeo Drive:

  1. Write your own implementation of VersioningFileSystemItemFactory interface, and in particular write the expected behavior in the needsVersioning method.
  2. Contribute to the fileSystemItemFactory extension point to use your new class:
  <extension target=""

    <fileSystemItemFactory class="" name="customFileSystemItemFactory" order="20"/>