Google Storage

Updated: June 14, 2024

The Google Storage addon is a Nuxeo Binary Manager for Google. It stores Nuxeo's binaries (the attached documents) in a Google Storage bucket.

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Before You Start

You should be familiar with Google Storage and in possession of your credentials.


This addon requires no specific installation steps. It can be installed like any other package with nuxeoctl command line or from the Marketplace.

Nuxeo Configuration

To configure the package, you will need to provide values for the configuration parameters that define your Google credentials, bucket and project.

You can do the configuration using the nuxeo.conf properties described below.

Specifying Your Google Credentials and Region

In nuxeo.conf, add the following lines:

# GCP Bucket ID

# GCP Bucket prefix

# GCP Project ID

# JSON GCP Credentials
    - absolute JSON GCP credentials file path
    - file name of credentials in `nxserver/config`
    - if not set Nuxeo will look into 'gcp-credentials.json' file by default (located in `nxserver/config`)

If you installed the bundle JAR manually instead of using the Nuxeo Package you will also need: